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Robin O'Herin, Acoustic Blues, Gospel and Fingerstyle Guitar

December 2018

"When live don't get better, we get better at life." A line from one of my songs--not yet recorded.
While the challenges of life haven't diminished, I haven't lost hope and still hope to record and travel more at some point...I need to declutter and downsize and that is all-consuming right now.

I spend my days teaching...special needs ukulele, after-school music, private lessons, songwriting, and assisted living concerts. I am grateful that I can enrich people's lives and inspire them through music. I have finally started doing a little more booking and hope to do more of that as time goes on.
Thanks for checking in and thanks for listening!

December 2017

2017 has been a year full of challenges. Life is a hilly road and the valleys and hills can only strenghten us if we look within for the faith, hope and joy to journey on.

I have been doing an enormous amount of teaching both in school and residential settings as well as private lessons. My goal for this year is to book more performance gigs and get back in the studio with all the material I have been wanting to record for awhile. I am also looking forward to performing more with Rhythm tap dancer Stefanie Weber in our Tap and Blues duo.

Music is the air I breathe. One step at a time. Breathe in and out. Continue.