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Hey Everyone,
I hope you are all keeping warm. Today is the first day of Meteorological Spring! And a giant storm is coming tomorrow. Probably won't hit Western MA as hard as those to the south of the Berkshires...

I have some sweet gigs coming up--some wonderful Tap and Blues gigs with Stefanie Weber--thank you to the MA Cultural Councils for making these possible, a wonderful Eastern MA gig with my friend and mentor Andy Cohen, and good things in the works down the road, including a special event in Worcester and a Tap & Blues workshop and performance at Dewey Hall! Oh, and don't forget the last Spectrum Op[en mic featuring Tom Gardner.

Come on out and beat those winter blues!
hope to see you soon.
:) Robin


1-4-14 Happy New Year!

Stefanie Weber and I did a wonderful tap and blues performance last summer at Bascom Lodge. My friends Christa Jan Ryan and her husband Bob, videotaped it. We then went into the studio and did an interview. I believe that these stations also stream their shows online. I was really tired the day of the interview, but Stef was awesome! The interview and performance are going to be airing on the following dates:

For January:
NBCTC in Northern Berkshire  Sunday at noon

PCTV in Pittsfield Saturday at 130pm

CTSB in South County   Monday at 9pm, WEdnesday 2:30pm Saturday at 10am

For February: Willienet in Northern Berkshires
Sundays at 2pm, Mondays 8am, Thursday 1pm,  Fridays 8pm

Also, I have been very busy this week updating my website! I have updated the home page, the workshops page, and a page for pictures from 2013. Here are links:

2013 was an amazing year. On a personal note, my daughter got married!!! and they are expecting their first child!! I am so excited.  On a professional note (no pun intended), I played a number of house concerts, toured to Florida and back, and taught instrument building, slide guitar, chorus, and singing in both after-school programs and private lessons. I am looking forward to continue traveling further afield as I also continue teaching and sharing...keeping the blues alive.
Happy New Year!

10-30-13 Boston Blues Challenge Finalist!!! Whoo Hoo!

 So much good stuff coming up! This weekend, a Raising the Blues concert for kids at the Barbara Bush children's hospital in Portland, Maine and Saturday a house concert in Bridgton Maine at Noble House. Hopefully, the first of many Maine gigs...
    I am so excited to be a finalist in the Boston Blues Challenge this year. If you are in the area come out to support the blues! If I win it will be the international blues challenge in Memphis in February!!!!!! Nov. 10 at the South Shore Music Hall in Quincy MA. Uke building is going really well, as is my chorus class.
And I am looking for a few more guitar students...what a great gift to give someone...a series of lessons!
I am also looking forward to doing a tap and blues workshop with Stefanie Weber, as well as a concert out in Peabody MA. Haven't been out that way in a while.
And of course, the Spectrum Open Mic. If you are a musician and would like a featured spot, please email me!
   There is so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for family and friends and music. Winter is in the air...Enjoy the crisp fall weather while you can, and I hope to see you at a gig soon!


Well, we didn't quite blow the roof off the joint last night, but Guitar Jam V was another near-indescribable evening of fabulous local musicians. We will have a video of the show up on Berkshire in a day or two, (there's already a clip of the fabulous Robin O'Herin on slide guitar). Two things that always warm the cockles o' me heart. several people came up to me last night to find out how to get schedules for the artists upcoming shows and the two-song finale was exceptional. I don't use terms like mind-blowing, because it's overdone but I'll say this: Those in attedance would not have heard a better show anywhere else in the U.S., unless the Rolling Stones were onstage last night. It was that good. -Derek Gentile, Berkshire Eagle 

News Gigs and Happy Easter...

Hey Everyone,
Happy Passover and Happy Easter!!! Hope your spring is full of blessings.
The whirlwind tour to Florida and back was wonderful. I traveled over 3,110 miles in 12 days, played 11 gigs and had a wonderful time. It was such a variety--bar gigs, listening rooms, slide guitar workshops, brunch and blues, and a RaisingThe Blues concert for a children's hospital. It was so great to reconnect with old friends, and to make new ones. Thank you to everyone who generously put me up and helped make my trip so much more fun.
Response and feedback was really positive. Here are some links to a couple of the live performances.
It was especially fun to do a couple of duets with Ray Cerbone. See it here:
It was inspiring and I am looking forward to doing more touring this year. Hopefully in a venue near you!
I am working on booking and also a couple of artist residencies...I'll keep you posted. 
April has a couple of tap and bleus workshops coming up--one at Berkshire Community College, and the other TBA.
I'm also looking for gutiar students--it's never too late!!!
Also, don't forget the Spectrum Playhouse Open Mic on April 20. Hope you can make it!


Hey Everyone,

2013 is shaping up to be a very exciting year! So much to say, so little time!

Caffe Lena was amazing--it was so much fun to open for Brother Sun--they were awesome and it was a lot of fun. You can watch a video of one of my original songs performed at Caffe Lena here:

I have been enjoying playing with harp player Andy Taylor. We rocked Gypsy Joynt last weekend!
Andy & I are entered in the Hard Rock Cafe Contest.It is easy. 
1. You like their facebook page 
2. Download my original blues tune, "Find Somebody Else's Heart to Break."
Each download is a vote--one per person.
It is such a win-win situation--you vote by getting a free music download! 
And I will be eternally grateful!
Here is the Link:

I will be touring to Florida and back at the end of March--it is shaping up to be a great little tour. And meanwhile there are some sweet gigs coming up in February.

I haven't been  back to Perks and Corks in a couple of years--it is going to be FUN! And I am so looking forward to open for Sally Barrett at St. John's Coffeehouse.

If you haven't beewn to a blues and tap workshop with me and Stefanie Weber, you don't know what you are missing! But now is your chance to check it out...Feb. 17.

Also, it is going to be great to see my friends at Rumpy's's been a while!

And finally, if you didn't get to read the Berkshire Eagle article, click here:

Stay warm, andI hope to see you at a gig soon.

Blessings to you,



The Caffe Lena was Awesome. Posted some videos on youtube and one on my homepage here.

There was a wonderful article in the Berkshire Eagle today! check it out on the Reviews page or click here:

2013! Happy New Year, Upcoming Gigs & more...

I can't believe it is 2013!  I am doing much better, but the last quarter of 2012 definitely put a damper on booking. I hope to catch up quickly and play out more than ever.

I am so excited to be opening for Brother Sun at the Caffe Lena!!! This will be my third time there...I  LOVE that venue! It will be a great show if you can make it out!

I am also really looking forward to going back to the New Lebanon Library for some smokin' blues with Andy Taylor on harp!

And of course, I am looking forward to playing at one of my favorite Berkshire venues, The Gypsy Joynt in Great Barrington!

Still working on a short tour to Florida at the end of March, if you know of any venues or want to have a house concert please let me know!

I am also hoping to finally finish a CD this winter--it has been one interruption after another--
(major life events), but things are currently relatively quiet and I am hoping the new CD will be done this winter.

In addition to learning ukelele, I have started playing bass in my church band. Really fun!!

Oh! I almost forgot!! I have an android app you can download!

And I actually have a couple of items in my reverb store (see link below!)

I am enjoying still teaching students through and at the Monument Mountain High School Spartan Launch Program.
I also hope to work with Music In Common again at Monument this spring. That is such a great program!

And, I am taking new private students for guitar, songwriting and singing. If you have a new year's resolution to learn guitar, let me know!

I will post new gigs as I book them. Happy New Year, and I hope to see you at a gig soon.


November--So Much to be Thankful For!!

Hey Everyone,

I have been resting and getting better--I am almost back to full speed ahead. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. And I am really thanksful for all of my faithful fans. Thanks so much for listening and all the love and encouragement!  You Rock.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the Cummington concert. It was a lot of fun, and a very special time.

Some fun and important shows coming up.The Black Moon is closing at the end of the month, so I am grateful to get to play one last gig there.

It has been so much fun to work with Stefanie Weber. We are taking our tap and blues workshop on the road this month, hitting North Adams, Williamstown and Great Barrington, before she leaves for Kenya. Find out more about her project and maybe make a donation here:

Plus, I will be doing lots of holiday songs at all of my December gigs.

I am having a lot of fun learning ukelele and will be taking it on the road this month.

Have a wonderful and blessed thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.

Hope to see you at a gig soon.