Robin O' Acoustic Blues, Gospel and Original Music

The Road Home
February 2004
by Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

This is my second musical voyage on the Robin O’Herin train. I have to say straight away, I am just as pleased with this trip as the last. The Road Home is thirteen acoustic blues and gospel tracks taken from the book of traditional and blues spirituals.
O’Herin is an exceptional vocalist and guitar player that seems to be in her best element performing these songs. She has the right timbre in her voice and her six-string prowess is more than evident throughout this recording.
I must say for me personally, I have to be in the right mood to listen to this kind of music, it is not something that has frequent spins in my stereo and that is probably the reason why I can appreciate it more when I do hear it. I really appreciate the message this woman has; she backs it all with the warmth and heart of someone that believes in what she is singing about while maintaining a consistent and total respect for the music.
For one day, this CD was my road home. It is worth taking a turn off the road your on now (assuming you are not on this one) to see what you can discover along the way. If you are a blues lover, great, but there is a lot more to this music than just a particular style, as you will soon find out if you decide to listen.