Robin O' Acoustic Blues, Gospel and Original Music
January 2004
by Ken Mowery - Ambient Dream

Robin O’Herin

"Acoustic Blues and Gospel" is a simple moniker that brings to mind traditional values and perhaps more significantly it brings to mind a style of living slightly removed from the chaos of contemporary urban existence.  
Indeed, the fingerstyle guitar work and the soulful singing of Robin O'Herin has the remarkably transcendent quality that enables listeners to rise above the cares of the world and exist, if only for a moment, in the perfectly ordered realm of the "Blues". 
O'Herin, like all great blues singers, touches us at the core of our being.  Through her words, her playing, and the artfully elongated blues notes that she sings, O'Herin speaks a language we all know and understand.  She strikes us right where we live and miraculously, perhaps angelically, takes us to a better place.
Part of O'Herin's magic comes from the fact that her music is steeped in musical, cultural and national history and tradition.  Her music has mostly been shaped by contemporary blues and folk masters like Leadbelly,  Mississippi John Hurt, Bessie Smith, Blind Willie Johnson, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Leo Kottke.
As you read her responses to the CreatorsWeb interview questions below you will see that O'Herin appreciates the richness of her musical and cultural heritage and considers herself on mission to preserve that history through her performances.  

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