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Blues In The Schools

Congress has declared 2003 to be the year of the blues. It celebrates a day in 1903 when composer, W.C Handy, while waiting in a train station in the South, recorded in his journal seeing a “tall, lean black man playing the weirdest music I ever heard.”

Thus began the first documented account of the blues as a genre. With roots in slavery, poverty and the spiritual music that sustained black culture, the blues grew out of the fertile ground of the Mississippi Delta, as African Americans redefined their culture and struggled to assert their newfound political liberties and economic opportunities through both their sense of community and the freedom to move.

Robin O'Herin

Robin O'Herin s a Berkshires-based, acoustic blues and gospel musician. Her instruments include bottleneck and fingerstyle guitar and mountain dulcimer, and she plays both original and traditional american music. Robin specializes in historically rich, often interactive concerts for schools, libraries and small listening rooms. Her concerts are warm, affirming experiences she shares with the audience.
A 2006 Memphis Blues Challenge finalist, she has also opened for the Doobie Brothers in Pittsfield, MA., , and for Vance Gilbert and Michael Powers in Sept 04. She was the headline act in the Resophonic Blues Festival in Pilzen, CZ. in ‘05 She played in Italy at the Tropea Blues Festival in the fall of '06. Her arrangement of "Old Country Rock" and her original, "Everhopeful" are being used in the soundtrack for the PBS "2005 Roadtrip Nations" Series (episodes 4 and 5).

“I feel your music is very special because not only is it sweet to listen too, but I also feel that you are a historian preserving and passing along some very rich music from the past which brings out the spiritual roots of the blues and some popular music as well.” Fan at a recent concert.

Assemblies and classroom workshops include:

Blues as American Art: A Celebration of Freedom

Great Masters of Blues: Their Lives and Music

Appreciating the Blues: A Listener’s Guide

The Harlem Renaissance: Literature and Music

Composing Your Own Blues: Music and Lyrics

Life in the Back-Beat

The Influence of Early Blues from 1930–2003

Integrated Arts in Education

Today’s classrooms often include block scheduling which put pressure on teachers to hold their students interest for longer periods of time. Working with faculty and staff, Robin can create a curriculum that spans English, history, art appreciation and music. Some of the frameworks and standards addressed include Standard 6, Purposes and Meanings in the Arts; Standard 7, Roles of Artists in Communities; Standard 8, Concepts of Style, stylistic influence and stylistic change; Standard 9, Inventions, Technologies and the Arts; Standard 10, Interdisciplinary Connections; and Standard 11, Singing.
Robin can help schools attain grants and can come in as a resident/guest artist for anywhere from one to four weeks, or just do a short assembly/program. Programs are customized for each grade level and topic.

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