Robin O' Acoustic Blues, Gospel and Original Music

2011 Photos

The Summer and Fall of 2011

robin in the studio

Robin hanging out on the porch



Left to Right: Dianne Steele, Robin O'Herin, Lance Gallup

October 2011 Birthday Jam

jamming with friends

more jamming
Left to Right, Bill Dillof, Robin O'Herin, Lance Gallup


love playing washtub!
Washtub Bass

so much fun!

Spring 2011

Guitar Jam @ the Colonial 2011

Guitar Jam III: Ladies Night Out @ The Colonial in Pittsfield. Really an awesome night.

Tyringham house concert with Lance Gallup

Tyringham House Concert with Lance Gallup

Midas Cooperative Fundraiser, May 2011
Midas Cooperative Fundraiser, May 2011 with Dianne Steele