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Robin OHerin with her taylor guitar 2013

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If you are looking for Holy Blues, Gospel and Folk Originals,
then you have come to the right place!
Sit back and enjoy a journey through the genre of acoustic,
courntry and delta blues with musician, Robin O'Herin.

Concerts In Your Home
House Concerts-
They are awesome! You can book one too!
It's really really easy (and practically free too!) 
And yes, I really will come to your house and play for you and your friends. 
You don't need a big house or a ton of friends! 
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Guitar Jam V!

Here is a snippet
of Robin OHerin
and Arthur Holmes...

Abilene--a duet
with Ray Cerbone,
live at the ACMA Listening Room,
Ft. Meyers FL

"Come On In My Kitchen," live at the ACMA Listening Room, Ft. Meyers FL

"Somewhere over
the Rainbow,"
at the ACMA
Listening Room,
Ft. Meyers FL

An Original Gospel Tune--Live at
Caffe Lena



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Live performance from
the Tropea Blues Festival

Tap & Blues,
Otis, MA
Robin O'Herin with
Stefanie Weber,
Andy Taylor
& Dianne Steele
Summer 2012

Live Performance from
the Czech Republic

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